golecha henna tubes
golecha henna cones
golecha henna cones
Reddish brown
golecha henna tubes
Reddish brown
output of golecha henna
After Dry
inai merah
Before Dry

Golecha henna is available in the form of cones and tubes. It has almost 7 to 8 different colours. These henna cones and tubes are cilinically tested and have the test report printed on top of the box. According to the Clinical Test Report The Sample did not show any Erythema/Dryness Wrinkles and No signs of oedema formation was Observed after 48 hrs. Hence the sample passes the test. Which means it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals such as PPD. I'm using these henna cones and tubes once in a week on my own hand and everyday on my customers' hands . I haven't faced any skin problem. However some people may have sensitive skin so we always recomend our customers to perform a skin hyper sensitivity test before using this henna. Which means you apply the henna on your hand in a small quantity , after it dried wait for 24 hours in order to make sure that it works for your skin. It is 100 % Ayurvedic product. 

  Content : 25 g   ( 1 box of tubes contain 10 tubes in it and 1 box of cones contain12 cones in it price is same for both types )

How to use : Apply on Hands , Nails , Body etc. Wait until it dry , peel off when dried and wash gently with water only. It will last for almost 2 weeks if you don't rub it or use too much water on the decorated part.

 How to remove the Golecha henna stain : If you want to remove the stain of golecha henna , wash with soap and water. Otherwise stain will remove by itself after some days .


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golecha colorful henna

Golecha colorful henna tubes

golecha black henna

Golecha Black henna

full range of golecha tubes and cones
Full range of golecha cones and tubes

henna design with golecha henna
Henna design with golecha colorful henna

GOLECHA COLORFUL HENNA is available in 6 different colors. Colors are pink , blue , green , red , orange and black. One box of colorful henna is having 5 different colors in it. Black color is available in separate packing of 10 tubes. These henna cones are clinically tested and have the lab test report on top of the henna box. There isn't any harmful chemical in it such as PPD . These cones are safe to use. For further details contact us via Email or SMS.

Golecha Sehnaz Henna Cones

inai merah
Promotion is still available : One box of 12 Golecha Reddish Sehnaz Cone and one Soft and Squeezable Shasi's Henna Applicator Bottle along with fine metal tip and cleaning needle  plus free premixed henna paste inside the bottle ,  Just For Rm 50 and free shipment within Malaysia.

 Contact : 012-4082655  /  whats app : +60107784255 , Email : shasii52@gmail.com

Jamila Henna Powder

Jamila Henna Powder

  Jamila Henna Powder is obtained  from fresh henna leaves. The leaves are then dried and cleaned from its straws and dust. Then grinned in machines resulting in powder form. During the process, the powder is further cleaned from its impurities, if any, and finally a silk smooth powder is obtained which is hygienic and safe to be used on human hair and skin. The Body Art Grade is obtained by further grinding and sifting of that powder until baby powder smoothness is obtained. This henna powder is super refined and extremely high in dye contents and is packed in aluminium foils to get best results up till 3 years.
       How to mix Jamila Henna Powder:
           HC "KISS" recipe
          Begin 24 hours before you plan to use the henna

1. Gather your Supplies

    Jamila Henna Powder, 20 grams or 1/4 Cup
    Bottled or Fresh Lemon Juice, strained
    Small Plastic or Glass Bowl
    Measuring Spoons
    Essential Oils, 1.5 teaspoons
    Plastic Sandwich Bag
    Applicator Bottle or Cone

This recipe is for 20 grams of fresh henna powder and will produce approximately 3 ounces of paste,
enough for 75 small patterns, 3-4 cones.

2. Pour 20 grams of fresh henna powder into a small bowl

3. Add 1/4 cup of strained fresh or bottled lemon juice.

When using any dye a second ingredient is needed to create the chemical reaction to release the dye molecule. Henna requires an acid to bring out the dye molecule contained within its leaves. Lemon juice is the perfect companion as it is very acidic, readily available, and very safe.

We do not recommended water to mix your paste. Some recipes call for many ingredients such as coffee, tea, water, tamarind, dried limes, cloves, and spices. None of these extra ingredients will make much of a difference in the staining power of your paste. You'll get a fabulous stain with just lemon juice and a great henna powder and high quality essential oils.

4. Stir the henna and lemon juice until they are completely mixed together and no lumps of dry powder remain. The paste will be thick, similar to mashed potatoes.

5- Add Sugar and Essential Oil and Stir. It will be lumpy and chunky at first.

6- Keep stirring and It will smooth out and become silky

7- Cover the paste with plastic wrap. Press the plastic wrap against the surface of the paste expelling any air pockets.

8-  Let the paste sit in a warm place, around 75 ° to 85° Fahrenheit, for 24 hours to allow the dye to be drawn out of the henna leaves so it will stain your skin deeply and as strong as possible.

9-You are waiting for the dye to be released from the henna leaves. If you mix henna in a clear container it's easy to see the dye release. This is an easy way to insure your henna is fresh and has good dye content.

The dark band at the top shows where the dye has released.

10-After letting the henna mature for 24 hours it is ready to be used. Check and adjust your consistency if desired.

11-Determining exact amounts of lemon juice required for henna paste is very difficult since the henna plants are grown in many different regions of the world. Depending on the location, weather, and time of year the leaves are harvested the recipe will need varying amounts of lemon juice. The paste should be smooth and creamy, similar to yogurt. If too much lemon juice is added the paste will be runny and your designs will bleed together. If the paste is too thick it will be difficult to squeeze the paste out of the applicator.

Add lemon juice 1/4 teaspoon at a time, mixing completely between each addition, until you reach the desired creamy consistency.

When your paste is the perfect consistency fill your applicators.


      Uses of Henna Powder: 

Mehndi (Henna) has been in use in beauty rituals and customs from time immemorial. History depicts its usage since Stone Age and it has religious importance in almost every religion. It is the oldest documented cosmetic, widely used in Near East and Middle East Asia and North Africa.
Apart from its traditional use i.e. hair dyeing and hair conditioning; its widely been used to decorate human body with desired temporary patterns. Henna gives stunning impressions of dark red and reddish brown colour on human skin with an advantage that a new pattern can be enjoyed on the same skin after the first impression fades and disappears after two to three weeks. It is not painful at all and gives a cool and soothing feel, kills dandruff, stops falling of hair and leaves refreshing fragrance due to its natural properties. It’s a proven natural hair conditioner with having no side effects. Moreover, its regular use prevents hair from falling, as it’s the best source of killing dandruff.

Latest Products of Golecha Henna

Colorful Henna TubesColorful Henna ConesBlack Henna TubesBlack Henna Conesglitter hennaRed henna tubesBlack Henna tubesBrown Henna tubes Penjual inai merahBlack Henna Tubes

Glitter Cones

glitter cones and gel
A box of 12 glitter cones
henna design by shasi
After dry and peel off
golecha henna design
Decorated with glitters
design with golecha henna
golecha henna design before dry
Shasi Glitter Cones are available in 12 different colours.
 colours: Blue , Red , green , purple , Firoza , Brownish Red , Pink, shocking pink , Brown , Dark blue and the most popular golden and silver. It is safe to use and i have personally tested it plus I'm using it regularly on my customer's hands. It is product of Malaysia These Special glitter cones are use for highlighting and giving special effects to henna designs. This product is safe to use and there isn't any harmful chemically in it. Soon i will upload some of my henna designs decorated with glitters.

Oragnic Red Raj Henna Powder

Indian Red Raj Henna Powder
Organic Red Raj Henna Powder

Avail from us Red Raj Natural Henna Powder, which has no match in the market for its quality. The extracts that go into the making of Natural Henna Powder are selected from the best fields that produce the best henna leaves. The Natural Henna Powder is filtered rigorously to give a fine powder that is free from impurities.            
Customers can avail from us Body Art Quality Henna Powder of the finest quality. It is 100% natural and completely free from preservatives, artificial colors, additives and other chemicals. Only experienced professionals are engaged in formulating Body Art Quality Henna Powder using premium henna leaves, sugar, lemon juice and essential oils. Body Art Quality Henna Powder is used for body art owing to its natural dye content. Further, our Body Art Quality Henna Powder is completely safe to use on children as well.


Diamond reddish henna cones
Diamond colourful henna cones
floral henna design by shasi

floral design with reddish diamond henna cones by shasi

Diamond henna cones are available in 6 different colours. Colours are Pink ,Orange,Blue,Purple,Green,Red ( dark reddish & maroon ). Each box contains 12 cones in it. These henna cones are safe to use and are clinically tested along with the laboratory test report on it.It doesn't contain any harmful chemicals such as ammonia or PPD. I'm regularly using these cones on my customer's hands and on my own hands. It gives long lasting colour . Normally diamond henna's stain last for  8 to 10 days . For removing the stain use soap and water

Weight : 25 g
How to use :
 * Make sure your hands or any other part of the body are clean and aren't having any lotion , cream or oil on it .It is  good if you wash the desired part to be decorated with water before using the henna.
* Apply on body , hands or nail  Wait for 5 to 7 mints , peel off after it dried and Wash Gently with water only.


Golecha Scented Arabic Heena TubeGolecha Scented Arabic Henna Tubes

Golecha Scented Arabic Henna TubesGolecha Scented Arabic Hena Tubes

Golecha Scented Arabic Heena Tubes  are available in 4 different scents Lavender , Rose , Sandal and Jasmine .Very beautiful Brown red vibrant stain result .

Henna Practice Hand

Henna Practice Hand
Henna Practice Hand  Take your henna art skills to next level with our all new henna practice hand and applicator bottles. It is a very useful tool for beginner as well as for  professional henna artists . It's made of a stain free material . Just practice and wipe it with cloth or wash it with water . Henna stain will not stick on it . Both bulk and retail buyers are welcome . For order details contact us via email , whats app or join us on Facebook for live chat . Thanks

White Henna Cones

white henna artWhite henna cones

Golecha Henna Presents White Color Paste Cones Due to Popular Demand 1 box of 12 White Paste Cones
Content : 25g each
 Latest Batch For 2016 Improved Formulation .
This kit has been created with the bride in mind. For those who like the look of intricate lacy henna designs but want the white color of a traditional wedding

How to use: Wash the parts of the body with soap, before use of the these cones. Do not use any cream or anything else on the part of the body before use of Cones. Before using, Just cut the tip of cone. Now press the cone swiftly, slowly and uniformly to draw fine delicate designs of your choice. Apply designs onto Skin and let it dry for 20-30 minutes. Once it is dry, the same will stay on the skin for sometime . Please NOTE that these decorations are temporary. it does not stain the skin like the regular Henna. These can be removed easily by scrubbing off with Soap and Water. If Suddenly, paste stops coming-out of the nozzle please clean the nozzle by a pin or needle from the back side

Henna Applicator Bottles

henna applicator bottles with metal tips
henna applicator bottles Malaysia

   SHASI HENNA APPLICATOR BOTTLES For Smooth and Neat henna Art

     2 squeezable  henna applicator bottles
    4 metal tips for  bottles ( Size 'S' Tip , Size 'M' Tip , Size 'L' Tip , Size 'XL' Tip )
    3 Caps with covers
    4 metal wires for cleaning metal tips


    Promotion for New Year 

Get Set of 5 applicator bottles with 5 different sizes of metal tips at a very special price . Worldwide Shipping to 220 countries. Contact us via Email or Whatsapp for order details.Thanks

Wholesale of Henna Applicator bottles
Magic Henna Applicator bottles 2015

penjual malaysia botol aplikator henna
  My 14 years old student draw with henna applicator bottle and shasi's premixed henna paste.

Arzoo Henna Cones

Arzoo henna cones
A box of 12 Arzoo henna cones

Special Arzoo henna cones are made in Pakistan. These henna cones are used for the fine bridal designs. It is original henna paste without any chemicals in it.It gives reddish stain.

HOW TO USE :Apply the Arzoo henna to clean skin that is free of any kind of lotion or oil. Gently remove the henna paste after it dried with help of paper towel. Don't wash it with water . Apply the henna oil on it in order to maintain the dark henna stain. Soon i will upload some of my henna designs with Arzoo henna cone.

RANI KONE Saudi Arabia

Rani kone Saudi Arab
All type of Rani kone Saudi Arabia ( 100% Original)
    Rani kone Original Saudi Arabia For body decoration and for nail decoration
                ( reddish , dark reddish , extra dark reddish and black )

     SMS or Email us  for the retail and wholesale price !!!

Dollar Cone Henna Paste

Dollar henna cone paste
Dollar reddish and black henna cones
Dollar henna cone
Latest Dollar henna pack of 12 Cones

                                                      Dollar Herbal Henna Paste

Direction for use:  Apply on palms , nails etc . Just wait for 10 minutes , scratch & remove dried paste  and wash gently with water.

Key Ingredients:   Henna powder , Tumeric powder , Distilled water , Katha powder , Kesari powder , Clove oil , Eucalyptus oil.
Precaution:      For sensitive skin we suggest testing on small body part prior to full application.
Net wt : 30g

 Note: contact us via Sms or Email for the wholesale and retail price

White Henna Stencils

white mehandiwaterproof white henna design

white henna for body decorwhite heena tattoo

                                                                           White Henna Lace / Stencils Flash tattoo

These are water proof white henna lace designs . Best solution for white henna lovers . You don't need a professional henna artist for your wedding , or any other event . Simple use these stickers type stencils and you are ready to go !!!

Condition: 100% Brand New.
Size: 21cm*14.8cm.
Package Included: 1 Sheet Tempoary Tattoo Sticker With High Quality in EU and US Quality Standard.
Design: All white design, latest fashion!
         1. Nightclubs & Beach & Party & Outing & Wedding. It only need 1 minute to help you distinctive.

         2. It can better integrate with the Plastic, Ceramic, Metal, Cloth, Glass suiface. It can present more vivid colors, less likely to be scraped off, and keep longer time.

         3. What could not be better is that the tattoo stickers can be affixed to the back of the phone along with a transparent protective shell.
Be careful:
           1. Different adhesive parts, Different Durability.
        Different Durability.Daily activities, easily friction to the site, such as the hands, inside of your wrist, neck, can keep 1 to 2 days.
             Other parts for 3 to 5 days under normal circumstances, the ankle may keep more than 1 week. 

         2. Waterproof
            Not afraid to take a bath, but not rub with hot water and dash.

         3. In oil
            Apply moisturizer, sunscreen and other oily substances to be careful. 
         4. Afraid scraping
            If wearing jewelry, watches, please pay attention away from them
Instructions For Use:
        1. Cut ou tattoo of choice and remove the clead sheet.
        2. Place tattoo face down on skin.
        3. Wet the tattoo thoroughly with a sponge pr towel.
        4. After 30 seconds, gently remove the back paper.
        5. Allow tattoo to dry

       1.Not intended for children under 6 years.
       2. For bulk orders contact us via whatsapp or email.
       3.Due to the difference Between Different Monitors, The Picture May Not Reflect The Actual Color Of the Item. Thank you!