Henna Applicator Bottles

henna applicator bottles with metal tips
henna applicator bottles Malaysia

   SHASI HENNA APPLICATOR BOTTLES For Smooth and Neat henna Art

     2 squeezable  henna applicator bottles
    4 metal tips for  bottles ( Size 'S' Tip , Size 'M' Tip , Size 'L' Tip , Size 'XL' Tip )
    3 Caps with covers
    4 metal wires for cleaning metal tips


    Promotion for the month of June 

One henna applicator bottle filled with premixed instant henna paste along with one metal tip . JUST FOR RM 30 plus free shipment with in Malaysia.

penjual malaysia botol aplikator henna
  My 14 years old student draw with henna applicator bottle and shasi's premixed henna paste.


  1. dear sis,

    how much for 1 set?
    and include postage to melaka.
    pls email me azielabubakar@gmail.com


  2. do u still have stock for this pls let me know...FB : binarishenna

  3. Hi im paul magisa,
    Im from the philippines. May i ask if you deliver to the philippines and how much. Thanks

    Pls email me at p_magisa@yahoo.com

    Thanks again

  4. Do you still have this in your stock. Please let me know by email at arnieramlee@yahoo.com

  5. Dear sis,
    Do you still have this in your stock?
    How much for 1 set and include postage to Kuala Lumpur?
    Please let me know by email chy_ayu1093@yahoo.com